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Welcome To CFH Malaysia

Greeting in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Every child needs to know that someone cares for them. We are ready to give that love to each child who walks through our doors.

Our History

Children in need at the home

include those who are being raised by grandparents who are no longer able; children who have been abused, neglected, orphaned, troubled, or poor, and children from dysfunctional families.


Our Vision

Living at Crystal Family Home

(CFH) presents these children a chance to heal their broken hearts; to correct past mistakes; experience a family's love and security; respect one another; share in household responsibilities as a family - going laundry, cook, gardening.


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Our Needs

  • 1. We Need New House for Girls
  • 2. We need 15 seater Van for Children
  • 3. We need 2 computer for Children